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AVA Integrity, is the worlds leading "Fully Automatic" mobile starting barrier for harness racing.
Its durability, accuracy and state of the art construction have earned it a well deserved reputation.

Features Include:
Constructed of high tensile Aluminium
Road Registered.
Automatic or Manual Race Start.
Pre programmed / re programmable.
Race Print out of score up.


Auto Start:
Using an HL505 Microcontroller, The AVA Starting gates can be set for fully automatic starting, allowing for consistent start every race. Take off speed, Acceleration and distance of score up are all pre set, computer controlled. The gates, lights and sirens are all synchronized and enabled automatically, leaving the starter to concentrate on the position of the horses. A False start maybe called at any time up to the end of the score up.

Advantages of Auto Start:

  • Consistent race starts every time. AVA Integrity Auto Start benefits everyone.
  • Trainers and drivers can be assured of consistent take off’s, acceleration and gate release for every race.
  • Bettors have the assurance that no human intervention can assist or determine the outcome of the race. In addition automating the score up allows the Starters to better concentrate on the actual positioning of the horses rather than trying to control vehicle and gate functions as well as observe the horses.
Seating for 4 persons Utility has two bucket seats also the starters cabin has two bucket seats and allows for a sponsor to carried.

Black Box Trailsafe Printout:
Onboard recorder that monitors all activity during a race start. From the time the score-up is initiated through the closing of the gates –everything is printed in hardcopy.

AVA Mobile starting gates are constructed of light weight aircraft grade powder coated aluminum with a fiberglass cabin and tinted glass windows. The construction is very durable some having been in operation for 10 years. The barrier and cabin is a single assembly which can be easily transferred to a new vehicle.

Safety Features
Machine cut out & Battery isolation switch Stand by power selector In built low battery warning.

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AVA Integrity Leading the Race

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